Work Experience with Bernard Garo

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130119_garo002o - copie

Over the summer I benefited from a brilliant opportunity to experience the reality of working as an artist and running a studio by working with Bernard Garo. During our time he opened a show called ‘Beyond the Visible’.  Participating in all parts of the process: the making of the pieces; their transport; the hanging and set up of two exhibition locations and the admin involved in an exhibition was both exciting and inspiring.

2 years ago Garo gave a workshop at the International School of Geneva. I messaged him out of chance, to see whether he needed an assistant this summer.  He responded quickly and we spoke over the phone to make sure we were on the same page. For most of the summer, he was in China working on some exhibitions and making connections. However, for about 6 weeks he needed assistance in the setup and making of ‘Beyond the Visible’. It was an extremely busy month as he kept up contacts in China as well as needed to complete many pieces for his upcoming exhibition. After learning the techniques and mediums he uses I could help with the making of pieces, and experimenting with some of my own. I really enjoyed engaging in another artist’s process.

Working in another language (French) was really challenging, but a great experience and beneficial to him as I was able to do quite a bit of translation into English for his communications in China.

Every Monday, while he was teaching, I could use his studio to do my own work and experiment with his materials. While this was incredibly beneficial to me, it gave me the chance to understand his process so I could comment and truly help with his own pieces.

In conclusion, this experience was really enlightening and I’m sure I will stay in contact with Garo to help him make connections in London and continue to assist him when I return to Switzerland

Artists Statement 2018

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Unit 3 Artist’s Statement

Through many mediums and differences of material, I have aimed to explore the dialogue between ‘The Necessary’ and ideas of worship especially in reference to religion. My fascination with what is necessary and how it varies around the world was triggered when I saw how easily my peers and I began to give up things people may consider necessary. For example: sleep is easily pushed aside for work; food schedules revolve around when is convenient; water is abandoned when offered caffeine. Noticing these deviations in what is conventionally considered a need and what is simply a desire spawned many of the works in this project.  Specifically, I began to wonder where Religion falls along the spectrum of needs and desires.

Understanding where belief becomes necessary within the hierarchy of needs came about from discussions regarding ideas of religion and organized worship, some of which planted seeds of doubt concerning ideas of worship and its purpose in my own life.

I was incredibly influenced by Glenn Brown’s ‘Come to Dust’ show at Gagosian Gallery, situated in an incredibly affluent area. The link between this wealth and Brown’s references to historical painting led me to be interested in more historical artists, many of which were found during a visit to the Prado in Madrid. In my exhibition, you can see references to El Greco and Jusepe de Ribera’s depiction of ‘Saint Andrew’. Classical paintings often depict biblical stories and do so using complex symbolism; this prompted my self-portrait as Mary Magdalene. While fixated on Ribera’s ‘Saint Andrew’, I became interested in appropriation art and to what extent ‘Great Artists Steal’ applies.

Due to my doubts concerning religion and some of its very conservative ideas, I wanted to bring the saintly figure back to human status. I intended to do this by painting on abandoned board and surrounding these pieces with other artworks inspired by an eclectic set of sources. At times I feel the ‘need’ to paint and this created the surrounding works.

On many occasions during this Unit, I was struck by a sense of worry that my work had become unfocused and difficult to link together. By displaying my work slightly unevenly, and perhaps disorderly, I hope to convey this feeling to the audience. This very confusion led to the large canvas painting which enabled me to express this strange confusion and doubtfulness I was experiencing in my own art and my personal relationship with religion.

Déclaration d’Artiste

Pour commencer je voulais écrire une autre copie de mon Déclaration d’Artiste parce que j’ai souvent attendu La Masse avec une famille française. La plupart de mon petite connaissance de La Bible vient d’eux.

Par utiliser une grande gamme des médiums j’espère d’explorer la dialogue entre ‘Le Nécessaire’ et les idées de la vénération spécifiquement en référence à la religion. Mon fascination avec la thème de la nécessaire et comment ca differ autour du monde a commencé quand j’ai observé comment facilement mes amis et moi abandonner des choses qu’ils pourraient considérer nécessaire. Comme exemple: le sommeil est facilement écarté pour travailler; les repas sont gravité autour du convenience; être caféiné est plus important de consumer d’eau.

Pour moi de comprendre d’où la foi devient une nécessité dans la schéma de la hiérarchie des besoins, j’ai parlé à mes pairs sur les idées de la religion et la croyance organisée. Cela a commencé des doubt autour de la foi et sa utilité dans mon propre vie.

J’étais influencé par la exhibition ‘Come to Dust’ de Glenn Brown à la galerie Gagosian, ceci se trouve dans une lieu opulente. Comment cette richesse tient liens avec les références historiques de Brown m’as intéressé aux artistes historiques. J’ai trouver beaucoup de ses artistes à la musée Prado à Madrid. Dans mon exhibition vous pourrez trouver des références à El Greco et la pièce ‘Saint Andrew’ par Jusepe de Ribera. Dans ces oeuvres classiques la Religion et la thème central. L’utilisation des symbols dans ses oeuvres, pour raconter une histoire biblicale, a inspiré l’autoportrait imposé de Mary Magdalene. Durant mon fixation sur ‘Saint Andrew’ par Ribera, j’ai développé une interest autour de l’Art Appropriatif et de quelles mesure ‘Les grands artistes volent’ s’applique.

Dû à mes doubts autour de la croyance et des ses morales des fois très conservatif, je voulais ramener la figure de sainteté au statut humain. J’ai voulu faire ça par peindre sur une planche abandonnée et le encercler par des autre pièce d’origin eclectic. Des fois je sent la nécessité de peindre quelque chose, cette ‘besoin’ à créer quelques une des oeuvres environnantes.  

Sur plusieurs occasions pendant cette terme, j’étais alourdis par la sense que m’as travaille a devenu non ciblé et difficile à reliées. Par afficher mes oeuvres dans une manière un peu désordonnée j’espère de transmettre cet sentiment. Ce confusion m’as aussi provoquer de peindre la large pièce sur la toile. Je voulais exprimer la confusion et différences d’opinions j’ai senti autour de la religion mais aussi sur mon art.